[galib] example 24 compilation problem

christian.hresko christian.hresko at verizon.net
Fri Oct 29 19:03:45 EDT 2004

i'm new to GALib and i'm having problems getting example 24 to compile and execute properly.  i tried a search for this and found one other post, with no reply.  i get this error when compiling:

explicit specialization; 'GA1DArrayAlleleGenome<T>::~GA1DArrayAlleleGenome(void)' has already been instantiated

if i comment out the this code in GARealGenome.C:

	delete [] aset;

the example compiles fine.  however, there's a runtime error (an assertion failure in isctype.c):

Expression: (unsigned)(c+1)<=256

the compilation error appears under windows using Visual C++ 7.0 and under Mac OSX using the g++ compiler.  i'm guessing my hack isn't a 'fix' for the problem.

if anyone could provide some insight, i'd greatly appreciate it.



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