[galib] Bug in pConvergence() ???

Daniel Marbach daniel.marbach at epfl.ch
Sun Nov 28 16:03:15 EST 2004

GAGeneticAlgorithm::pConvergence() always returns 0.99 in my program, regardless
of nConvergence and the actual convergence.

GAStatistics::convergence() on the other hand works well with the same code.
Suppose I have a GAGeneticAlgorithm object ga:

ga.pConvergence() // is always 0.99

if I replace this line with (without modifying anything else in my program):
ga.statistics().convergence() // correct value.

Is this a bug in galib?

Daniel Marbach
Bitziusstr. 9
CH-3006 Bern

Tel: 031 351 11 09
WWW: http://icwww.epfl.ch/~marbach/

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