[galib] a problem in galib and a question about convergence

he zheng hezheng at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 04:18:43 EDT 2004

I am now using galib to solve combinational optimization question.because 
this  questions is a NP-Complete question,So I can not know whether the 
final result is the nearest one to the optimization result. I  use some 
methods as below:
1.i use GAGeneticAlgorithm::TerminateUponConvergence as the end 
condition,and set pConvergence = 0.99. but i found a problem in galib ,when 
i set ga.minimize(),i can not get a convergence less than 1 during 
2.when i set pConvergence = 1,then i can get a result.first i regard it as 
the optimization one,but when i use 
GAGeneticAlgorithm::TerminateUponGeneration as ending condition ,and then i 
get a result which is much better than the first result.it shows when i use 
GAGeneticAlgorithm::TerminateUponConvergence ,i can not get the best 
result.but when i use GAGeneticAlgorithm::TerminateUponGeneration,it will 
take more time to do calculation.

Can anybody kind enough to give me some advise,thanks .


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