[galib] GARealGenome.C problem

t.samotyjak@pwsz.elblag.pl t.samotyjak at pwsz.elblag.pl
Thu May 13 11:05:09 EDT 2004

I'm using GALib for synthesis parameters of electric circuits. Both linux
and window$ have the same fatal error. Program stops on:

GAGenome::copy(const GAGenome & orig){
  if(&orig == this) return;
  _score=orig._score; _fitness=orig._fitness; _evaluated=orig._evaluated;
  ga=orig.ga; ud=orig.ud; eval=orig.eval;
  init=orig.init; mutr=orig.mutr; cmp=orig.cmp;
  sexcross=orig.sexcross; asexcross=orig.asexcross;
  _neval = 0;

    if(evd) evd->copy(*orig.evd);
    else evd = orig.evd->clone();            <-Acces violation at addres
0040C687. Read of address 00000000C.
  }    // don't delete if c doesn't have one

It happen always in ga.populationSize(n)-1.
What to do?

Tomasz Samotyjak

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