[galib] Multiobjective (pareto) optimization?

John Conner jconner at cse.psu.edu
Thu May 13 10:34:57 EDT 2004

I've searched the back archives for this list and have found some 
messages asking about multiobjective optimization with GALib. I've also 
found no solutions, so I'm hoping that someone is paying attention to 
this wacky thing and can let me know of a good option for handling 
multiobjective optimization with a library. I can switch from GAlib to 
another c++ library if necessary, though if it is easy enough to extend 
GAlib to do the multiobjective stuff, I would like to keep using it.

Has anyone done this? Has anyone tried and failed? Please get back to 

- John Conner
Graduate Student, Penn State Computer Engineering Dept.

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