[galib] Buid a release version of GA

Lei Li lli at cis.gsu.edu
Wed Jul 21 13:57:55 EDT 2004

I just downloaded galib ver. 2.44 for Windows. I opened the project file
come with the package. I was able to compile and run ex11.c in the project.
However, when I tried to build a release version, the compiler generated 204
errors. Some of the errors seem absurd; following is a couple of examples:
C:\LEI LI\GALIB244-WIN\ga/gaid.h(29) : error C2061: syntax error :
identifier 'GAID'
C:\LEI LI\GALIB244-WIN\ga/gaid.h(29) : error C2059: syntax error : ';'
I used all original code. I am using Window XP Pro and VC++6.0.
Any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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