[galib] not enough memory for evolution?

Annelie Holzkämper annelie.holzkaemper at ufz.de
Fri Dec 3 06:40:24 EST 2004

Hi all,

I am using GAlib for a spatial optimization of a landscape. So I chose 
the "GA2DArrayAlleleGenome<int> genome".
When I choose landscapes of a larger extent (e.g. 800x600 Pixels) the 
program crashs down after genome initialization when the ga evolution 
process starts (or should start). I assume that this is due to the fact 
that the evolution process needs too much memory. Could that be? And if 
so, what could be done about it? I use cygwin as compiler.
Has anybody experienced a similar problem? I'd be grateful for any hints 
concerning this issue.

Thanks in advance!
Annelie Holzkämper, Leipzig, Germany

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