[galib] RE: help for c2629

Dr. Ian D. Wilson ian.d.wilson at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 10 06:31:19 EDT 2004

Compiler Error C2629
unexpected 'token ('

A syntax error made the statement ambiguous.

This error can be caused by mixing declaration and expression syntax.

The following is an example of this error:

class B
   B( &B );  // error, misplaced &
   B( B& );  // OK

This suggests a syntax error somewhere that you have changed.


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Hi Mr. Wu,

I've tired your method, but is doesn't work...
what I've done are below

reinstall my VC6.0++ and put galib244-win  under the
root director and include the ga into my directories
but still cannot compile. The same error come out.
I DO believe it is because NO_STREAM problem...because
If I am not includee define NO_STREAM into my
gaconfig.h....it will prompt out various error
message...however, when I include it (NO_STREAM) all
the error disappear except this one...

I am not sure what you have done to remove this error.
could you give me a bit more detail...

Many thx


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