[galib] missing function in galib ???

markus schubert markus at silverorbit.de
Wed Sep 3 14:44:24 EDT 2003


I am using the galib and have some questions.

1. Acording to the documentation, there should be a method called bestEver()
in GAStatistics, but I can not find it. For now I am just using
GAStatistics().bestIndividual().score() which does the same. But just to
know, if I have a wrong version or something like that.

2. Is there anybody who maintains the library, because I need one additional
method, which returns the generation in which the best solution was found. I
have the code and can change it by my own, but I prefer to use a common
version of the library, which is used by all people. (compatibility)

I would be very gratefull if anybody can help me.

Thanks and regards

Markus Schubert

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