Individual score in population differs from objective score using no scaling!

Blaze blazefirst at
Sun Oct 13 07:37:51 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I am working on a part of a healt care project at University of Veszprem,
Hungary, and my subject is to generate meal plans using genetic algorithm. I
decidet to use the GALib libary, and made my derived genome, then tested it.
It looks ok, but there is a difference between the
pop->individual(i).score() value and the the pop->individual(i).Evaulator()
value. I don't know why, but due to this mismatch, the evolution doesn't
work in the right way.

If anyone experienced a problem like this, or have a clue, please help!

Thanks a lot!

Balazs GAAL (MSc. Student)
Information Technologies
Dept. of Information Systems
University of Veszprem, HUNGARY
13. October 2002

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