I need help !!!

Finger fpaint at newmail.ru
Mon Nov 11 08:14:59 EST 2002

I am Polish 
Me English is not good, I am sory.
I am trying to link galib version 2.4.5 through the Builder C++ 5 =
Unfortunately an error message appears on the screen like that:
        must use C++ compiler 
Do you have any suggestion which could be useful for me?
Do you have a step by step procedure for the linkage configuration for =
Builder C++ 5
Do you speak russian? :)

1) Rename all *.c files to *.cpp (and of course, you must to correct these names in includes, where the old name is occur).
2) Add <template> word to the functions which are need this. 
3) Set "NO_STREAMS" in config.h.

Thats all, it will work!
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