How to link fortran 90 analysis with GALib

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Thu Jul 25 12:46:19 EDT 2002

Hi Yuna

What do you need is to build a wrapper function definition in C++ of the
FORTRAN function. This look like



has to be declared in C++ as 


extern "C"
	extern void mysubrutine_(float*, float*, float*);

Use this in this way

float x = 1.25;
float y = 0.52;
float z = 0.52;

mysubrutine_(&x, &y, &z);

Edmanuel Torres

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Hi all,

     I have a FE analysis code written in Fortran 90. Now I am trying to
connect my code to GALib. So my GA code should call the analysis problem.
Does somebody has any experience of how to do it? What problem will I meet
in the future?
    Thanks very much for the help.

Yuna Hu
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