How to link fortran 90 analysis with GALib Filiborion at
Thu Jul 25 03:50:19 EDT 2002

Hallo Yuna, hi all,

>      I have a FE analysis code written in Fortran 90. Now I am trying to
> connect my code to GALib. So my GA code should call the analysis problem.
> Does somebody has any experience of how to do it?
We work in a similar area, but we use commercial FE-programms for
The easiest way is to call the programms via script (because of better
modularity). The FE-Programm have to support a Batch-mode run, of course. Our
GAlib objective funktion simply reads the fitness from a file.

> What problem will I meet in the future?
The FE analysis is very time consuming. So you have to simplify your model
to get suitable evaluation times. At this point your know-how is needed.


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