Complete population

Asim Shankar asim at
Tue Feb 26 07:51:29 EST 2002


This is my first experience with Galib. Anyway, I was trying to
implement a SANE-algorithm
( wherein two populations
are evolved simulateneously (one of neurons and one of pointers to
neurons forming a network) in order to come up with a good neural

A) Has anyone tried anything of the sort and is willing to share some
B) In the method I was thinking of, I would need access to the
population of a generation. Looking though the Galib manual, I find that
there is no way to access the "current" GAPopulaiton object, I can only
get a population of "best" individuals encountered so far. Is there a
way to access the complete population for a particular generation?

Thanks so much for your time,

-- Asim

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