pcheung pcheung at
Fri Feb 15 17:41:27 EST 2002

Hi all!
I am working with galib under BUIDER C++5.0 and I need to use the 
genome class GARealAlleleSet. 
I'm trying to run the ex21 by GALIB. I didn't get it.
I'm working at GALIB.lib, I added in my main project...


Following a piece my example..
//Console's aplicattion
#include .....

int main {

	GARealAlleleSet alleles1;

But, my files at GALIB didn't have GARealGenome.cpp.
It has GA1DArrayAlleleGenome, GAGenome, GAAllele.....
I think that have to add GAGenome.cpp and GA1DArrayAlleleGenome.
My compiler wrote few parameters by template class.
Any hint?
Is there some small example about using GA1DArrayAlleleGenome?
Is ex21.C upgrading ? 
Does my compiler(Builder C++5) recognizes instant. the templates 
Do I need to add my files.cpp in project if my compiler recognizes 
the template class?
Which are them?

Thanks Peter Cheung

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