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Mon Aug 12 17:11:11 EDT 2002

if you look at the c convection you well see that the first is to the
default directory to find all the h files.
but if you want to specify a specific path or the present directory , to
look first. you have use "   "  otherwise
it default to the <    > directory where ever have provide that path.
Hope this help.


Ian Wilson wrote:

> I am not exactly sure what you mean, but it might be that you have to
> add another include directory path under the tools, options,
> directories tab, then click on the show 'directories for' drop down
> menu and select include files. Then add a complete path to where all
> the header files are.  As I mentioned, I am not exactly sure that this
> is a solution to your problem based on the way you presented your
> question but I hope it helps. Ian
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>      From: Jianghua Liang
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>      Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 4:28 PM
>      Subject: Hi,
>       Hi, Is anyone knows why use #include <ga/gaconfig.h> and
>      not #include "gaconfig.h" my VC++ 6.0 complier
>      complainsfatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
>      'ga/gaconfig.h': No such file or directory Jianghua
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