G++ make failure

Wilson I D (SoTech - M & S) idwilson at glam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 5 12:14:45 EST 2001

When I try and 'make' using G++ on our Sun under unix I get as far as:
libga.a is now up-to-date
cd examples; make
make: Fatal error in reader: makefile, line 31: Extra ':', '::', or ':=' on
dependancy line
Current working directory /export/home/users/aires/galib245/examples
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target 'all'
Any help gratefully accepted.
Kind regards

Dr. I. D. Wilson 
Research Fellow 
Artificial Intelligence Technologies Modelling Group 
University of Glamorgan 
(01443) 480480 ext. 2268 


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