DLL Automation with galib

luke luke at fenix.ici.ubiobio.cl
Fri Jun 15 13:26:08 EDT 2001

i discover this list and i think is a good stuff to clear all the doubts
well i can tell you that im generating an interface for Arena software 
The simulation software ..and i want to use the GA like an optimizer for the
model ..to do that i need to make a progran that run de GA (whit GAlib obvious)
and i need automation because i need to use the VBA (the point is control Arena)
the problem ,and is my quest, when you link the program whit MS VC++6.0 
merge a few errors like _main entry point (all external not found 2001)
if i doit whitout libcd then the error is ___pioinfo not found
if i do whitout the problem turn big becuase send 11 errors pointing to 
the galib.lib (one for every function i want to use).
please if some of you can help me ...

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