galib pvmind

Nelson Castillo nc at
Thu Jun 14 19:19:53 EDT 2001

Hi all.

I was trying to compile the pvmind example with the last release of 
PVM and I had to tweak the Makefile in order to compile it.

Right now I have two questions.

1 - Has any one ported this example to MPI?

2 - Since I am learning socket programming with BSD sockets 
(And eventually winsock), i wanted to build small "fitness servers" 
so I can distribute the fitness calculation.  I read the pvmind 
example and I noticed (I hope I am right) that I only need to provide 
a custom population evaluator that will distribute the calculation of 
the fitness. Is that right?

PopulationEvaluator(GAPopulation& pop) {

Well, if any of you has done this and have 
published something (sources, documentation) I'd 
love to read it.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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