Q:parallel implementation of objective funtion

Oliver Brockmann brockmann at fh-koblenz.de
Mon Jan 22 05:52:47 EST 2001

I've implemented a topological optimization problem using
the galib, which is working fine. to speed things up (i have
a very expensive objective function) i want to go parallel now.
I've been granted 4 CPU on a SGI Origin box and I have the
option to get more (up to 64 CPUs) on that Origin and perhaps
256 on a CRAY if necessary.

Therefore 2 questions arise:

1. Has anyone experience to share about parallel implementation
   of problems with SGI's CC on IRIX machines? Everything would
   be appreciated since I really know very little about parallel
   stuff on SGIs at this time...

2. Has anyone got galib successfully running on a CRAY (T3E)

Thanks a lot!

Oliver Brockmann

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