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Matthew Wall mbwall at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 2 07:44:08 EST 2000

>  > >Also is the best genome and the genomes that are kept unchanged in a
>  > >generation, re-evaluated in every generation.
>  >
>  > any genome that is not modified will not be re-evaluated; evaluation
>  > takes place only if a change was made to the genome.  if you copy a
>  > genome that has been evaluated, then the copy will not be evaluated
>  > until it is modified.
>Does this mean that only the offspring in a new generation are evaluated?

this is correct.

>If so is there a method in the library, of having every genome in the
>population being evaluated every generation.

you can force a genome to be evaluated by passing 'true' to the 
'evaluate' member function on each genome.

so, for example, you could write your own population evaluator like this:

MyPopEvaluator(GAPopulation& p) {
   for(int i=0; i<p.size(); i++)

then to use it:

GAXXXGenome g;
GAPopulation p(g);
GAXXXGA ga(p);

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