A few problems w/ compiling galib 2.4.5 under IRIX....

Itzinger, Oskar oitzinger at opec.org
Mon Jul 24 05:21:28 EDT 2000

Dr Wall,

the following reports some problems with building galib 2.4.5 and the
(including the <gnu> and <graphic> stuff but not the pvm related stuff
I don't have pvm3 installed) under IRIX 6.5.7 with SGI's C++ 7.3 [on an

I. galib/base examples


# IRIX 6.x with new 32-bit libraries
CXX         = CC
CXXFLAGS    = -g -fullwarn -n32
CXX_INC_DIR = /usr/include/CC
LD          = ld
AR          = ar rv
INSTALL     = bsdinst -c

in makevars, I get a whole bunch of warnings, errors and remarks, eg:

	CC -g -fullwarn -n32 -I.. -c garandom.C
cc-1035 CC: WARNING File = /usr/include/CC/iostream, Line = 18
  #error directive:  This header file requires the -LANG:std option

  #error This header file requires the -LANG:std option

cc-1070 CC: ERROR File = /usr/include/CC/string, Line = 2172
  The indicated type is incomplete.

    char __f = __os.fill();

cc-1424 CC: REMARK File = /usr/include/CC/stl_locale.h, Line = 58
  The template parameter "_Facet" is not used in declaring the argument
types of
          function template "std::locale::combine".

    template <class _Facet> locale combine(const locale&);

and so on...

I changed CXXFLAGS to

CXXFLAGS    = -g -n32 -LANG:std

and galib build completely error-/warning-free (which is really quite
and I do a lot of compiling!).

However, even with

# Use this for non-gnu make
$(EXS): $$@.o
	$(CXX) $@.o -o $@ $(LIB_DIRS) -lga -lm

in examples/makefile, I could not compile any of the examples because of

	CC -g -n32 -LANG:std -I.. -c randtest.C
cc-1239 CC: ERROR File = randtest.C, Line = 23
  "cerr" is ambiguous.

    cerr << "This program checks the random number generators in

(and 100 more of the same for randtest.C).

I finally tracked the problem down to gaconfig.h which starts with

// By default, we use the old streams library.  
#if !defined(USE_OLD_STREAMS) && \
    !defined(USE_ANSI_STREAMS) && \

and later on specifies

// Use the right streams library based on which streams macro was
#if defined(USE_OLD_STREAMS)
#include <iostream.h>
#include <fstream.h>

#elif defined(USE_ANSI_STREAMS)
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

// i'm terribly sorry to do this, but it is the easiest way for me to
// things to work properly with vcpp.
using namespace std;

#ifndef NO_STREAMS
#define NO_STREAMS

After I'd inserted 


before the line

// By default, we use the old streams library.

all examples build error-/warning-free as well (a SMALL suggestion:
change the
default streams library #define from USE_ANSI_STREAMS to USE_OLD_STREAMS
that it conforms with what the comment says; of course, it is then no
necessary to use -LANG:std among the CXXFLAGs).

BTW, if I compile with

#define NO_STREAMS

I get

	CC -g -n32 -I.. -c gaerror.C
cc-1552 CC: WARNING File = gaerror.C, Line = 23
  The variable "__gaErrFlag" is set but never used.

  static GABoolean __gaErrFlag = gaTrue;

(although galib builds otherwise error-/warning-free) but only exs 2, 3,
10, 12, 13, 15 and 23 compile properly - the others fail, eg:

cc-1323 CC: ERROR File = ex1.C, Line = 70
  No operator "<<" matches these operands.

            The operand types are:  ostream << const GAGenome.
    cout << "The GA found:\n" << ga.statistics().bestIndividual() <<


cc-1132 CC: ERROR File = ex6.C, Line = 195
  The class "GATreeGenome<int>" has no member "write".

  GATreeGenome<int>::write(ostream & os) const

cc-1287 CC: ERROR File = ex6.C, Line = 195
  A type qualifier on this function is not allowed.

  GATreeGenome<int>::write(ostream & os) const

cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = ex6.C, Line = 198
  The identifier "rt" is undefined.

    WriteNode(os, (GANode<int> *)rt);

etc. For ex6, the reason appears to be that GATreeGenome.h has

#ifndef NO_STREAMS
  virtual int write (ostream & os=cout) const;

and similiar observations seem to hold for the other failed example

I also found that running examples 1-19 and 21-27 TOGETHER took about
25' on
my machine, but example 20 by itself took about 50' - what is wrong here
(the comment for running the tests says "this could take up to 1/2

II. <graphic>

With the following changes/addition in the makefile

XLIBS= -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lPW 

# If you have SGI's CC compiler...
C++C= CC

everything compiled error-/warning-free.

III. <gnu>

Even with the following changes in the makefile

# If you have SGI's CC compiler...
C++C= CC

I got the following

	CC -O -g -I. -I../.. -c gnuex.C
cc-1005 CC: ERROR File = bitstr.h, Line = 17
  The source file "ga/genome.h" is unavailable.

  #include <ga/genome.h>

After changing (in bitstr.h)

#include <ga/genome.h>


#include <ga/GAGenome.h>

and also (in bitstr.C)

#include <ga/random.h>


#include <ga/garandom.h>

gnuex compiled error-free but with the following warnings:

cc-1174 CC: WARNING File = bitdo2.h, Line = 18
  The variable "word0" was declared but never referenced.

    _BS_word word0, mask;

[this warning appears 3 more times]

cc-1552 CC: WARNING File = bitlcomp.c, Line = 48
  The variable "mask" is set but never used.

    register _BS_word word0, word1, mask;

BTW, I'm a bit puzzled just why there are .c, .cc and .C files...

Thank you for wading thru the present long report.

Best regards,

Dr Itzinger

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