Michael Z Katz-Hyman m.z.katz-hyman at
Tue Jul 11 09:50:57 EDT 2000


I am trying to use the GALib libraries to implement some GAs for a neural
network.  At first I want it to optimize the network weights and I have
they represented in a 3D Array Genome.  I have created an initialization
function, however my program coredumps when it tries to initialize....if I
don;t initialize it won't core dump.  Here are some code snippets.  Any

I am using a GASimpleGA.

GA3DArrayGenome<double> weights(x,y,2,Objective);


void ArrayInitializer(GAGenome & g)  {

 GA3DArrayGenome<double> &weight=(GA3DArrayGenome<double>&)g;
  for (int k=1;k<=weight.depth();k++)
    for (int i=1;i<=weight.width();i++)
      for (int j=1;j<=weight.height();j++)

Michael Katz-Hyman
NASA/LaRC Hampton,VA
m.z.katz-hyman at

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