How to "always evaluate"?

Anthony Liekens mooby at
Tue May 4 08:09:43 EDT 1999


I'm using GALib for optimizing royal road functions, but I have a small

The fitness function is using a random sampler - i can't generate a
fitness function that returns a complete result (over the whole pack of
This means that a fitness function can be lower or higher than it's
average value, since the sampled data used for the fitness function is
different each time a genome is evaluated with this fitness function.

Therefore I'm looking for a possibility to evaluate the fitness function
of all genomes in the population, each generation, whether the genes
have changed or not.

If you have an answer to this problem - please mail your answer to
liekens at - it looks like I'm not subscribed in *some*
way to the mailing list...


Anthony Liekens

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