Linking Error with Borland C++ 5

Tariq AL-Omari tariqalomari at
Mon May 3 08:35:22 EDT 1999

Dear Sir:
I am a student at Jordan University of Science and Technlogy. I downloaded 
the GALib 2.4.4 ( for educational purposes) and I tried to use EXAMPLE26 
(Ex26.c) which is a C program  for the Salesman Problem. I read the 
installation procedure and I tried to install it and make an EXE for the 
salesman example file. I am using
Borland C++ version 5.
What I did is that in the gaconfig.h file and under the portion of the 
Borland C directives: When I did not define any directive , I succeeded by 
making compilation with no errors ( Note: I changed the extention of the 
file from .C to .CPP). But the problem now is that I could not make
linking. I have the following 26 errors:
Unresolved External to .... Etc.
I tried to change the directives in the gaconfig.h but I still could not  
link it. I did my best. Please tell  me what should I do to solve this  
problem. And also please tell me what are the appropriate settings for the  
Bolralnd C++ 5 ( the directives of the compiler...).

For me I think  that there are object file missed but I don't know how to  
get them. Note : I did not compile each .C file of the library. I just 
complied the   Program the I want to run.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Please reply to tariqalomari at
Yours Sincerley
Tariq Al-Omari

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