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ekkachart hattha ekkachart at
Wed Jun 23 11:02:44 EDT 1999

Dear Wall,

I have being implemented my master thesis by using your GAlib. But I
have some problem occured during my programming. The problem is how to
manage the object in which it must be a container of the queue in the
GANode. Because the major reason I have to use GANode is that I have to
involve the circular list which contains my queue in the sequence to be
implemented. When reading your code, because of its hard, I can't
manage and program the object as you informed in comment. Moreover, I
don't understand when and how my object will be removed from the list
after all queues have already been implemented. According to the change
of size of the circular list, I believe, my list will be operated by
GAlib successfully. Please give me the detail of the interface object
to GANode by writing me the constructor, copy constructor, and
assignment operator. Hopefully I will receive your response as soon as

Yours Sincerely,
Ekkachart Hattha.

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