representations of errors

Alonso García Amador agarciaa at
Mon Aug 30 19:29:30 EDT 1999

Hi Galib Group,

I don4t know who I ask for my question, I hope that you could help me.
I4m trying to program an application that may be running in Linux and
Windows environments with Galib. Part of this application needs to
perform 3D and
2D charts for a graphical representation of error functions, statistics,
etc,... I found
the wxWindows plataform and makes me an interesting and useful GUI, but
problem is that the wxWindows GUI hasn4t classes to do 3D charts.

Later, I found Olectra Chart and Xrt3d products ( by KLG Group ) and I
would like to know if someone has used these OCXs with wxWindows GUI,
maybe you have examples of the use of OCX controls
with wxWindows, I thank you if you could refer me for this examples.

If it isn't possible to find examples of anyone who has managed to get
OCXs to work with wxWindows; but maybe it's possible to find examples
of a charting package that used simple DLLs instead, it could be
with wxWindows apps.

I granted you so much if you could give a reference, examples,
course of beginners, etc.

Thank you so much.
Best regards

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