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What is VoiceKeeper?

Private Internet Phone to Phone Gateway
VoiceKeeper is the size of a modem card, but this small board does exactly
what the international long 
distance calling companies do! 

Easy Usage. 

1. You can phone to another Voicekeeper user ANYWHERE for free whilst you
are connected to the 
2. You can Extend the connection at either end by using an external phone
3. You can check if another party's online through the "Search" window, and
call by double clicking on the 
name listed by VoiceKeeper.  
   This system will be one of the most powerful assets of your business! 
VoiceKeeper uses VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol), so any fixed or
floating IP address may be used 
when you are online to place a call.
Most internet phone systems require the user to be in front of the
computer. With VoiceKeeper, users can 
call from anywhere to connect to VoiceKeeper by using a normal phone.    
Feel free to click on if you need more
info at

Thank you!

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