GAlib 2.4.2

Anna Marino am97r at
Wed Nov 11 06:27:57 EST 1998

Hallo there!
I'd like to have some information about this lib I am using, which
from my point of view has quite some problems.

Could anybody explain me what the following methods and properties
for a DemeGA stand for:

a. populationSize : the size of each population or the size of all
                    populations? I understood it's the former but no
                    information is given on the guide.

b. nReplacement:   as it should be used to determine the number of
                   individuals to be replaced, could you tell me why
                   I get as a message: 'the nReplacement percentage
                   should be kept between 0.0 and 1.0'? Isn't it this
                   the range of values for pReplacement?

c: Can the replacement and migration methods be used in conjunction or
   the user has to choose one of them?

d. Why customized initialaters and/or other operators are not correctly
   set for all members of the population?
   I debug my code and I found out that *SOME* individuals had the
   initializer set to SexCross and the mutator to AsexCross instead of
   my functions!!!

e. Is there any memory restriction for the use of GAlib classes?
   If not, could you explain me why the same program works fine with
   a small population and it does not work (giving me the above mentioned
   problems) with bigger ones?

I would appreciate a prompt reply as an explanation is urgently required.

Thank you very much indeed.


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