a suggestion for GAlib

Matthew Wall mbwall_NO_SPAM at mit.edu
Tue Nov 10 11:10:04 EST 1998

>Hi Mathew,
>I'm looking forward to your the new version of GAlib.
>I'd like to suggest that you change the Tournment selector.
>The implimentation in GAlib is not in line with the common
>definition of Tournment selection in EC litrature.
>It should have nothing to RouletteWheel. Tournment selection
>is much simpler. (see the EC Handbook C2.3).
>What we have now in GAlib is very severe selection mechanism
>that doesn't work very well...

thank you for the suggestion.  unfortunately that will not make it into the
2.4.3 release.  i'm preparing the release right now - it should go out
today.  so i do not have time to do the correct tournament selection
implementation and appropriate testing.

the 2.4.3 release is primarily bug fixes and tweaks to make compilers happy

however, i'll put your request on the list for the next release.  i expect
a 2.5 release early in 1999 that will incorporate more features rather than
simply bug fixes.


Matthew Wall
mbwall_NO_SPAM at mit.edu

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