GAlib questions

ole mengshoel mengshoe at
Thu Mar 5 17:46:05 EST 1998

First, let me give my kudos to the developers of GAlib for 
creating such a well-documented system and making it available 
on the Web!  

Second, I have a couple of questions I'd appreciate if anyone could 
give feedback on: 
- Is there a "cookbook" for making GAlib work under VC++?  Or, even 
  better, has someone ported it to VC++ and is willing to share their code? 

- The documentation says that GAlib is "reasonably fast".  Are there 
  any measures on this, again using VC++ on a WinNT platform?  How 
  fast is GAlib compared to other C++-based GA SW out there?  Have fundamental 
  design choices been made which make it harder to make GAlib faster if need 

Thanks for any suggestions regarding the above, 

Ole J. 

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