Ricardo D. Cortes cortesr at
Wed Mar 4 23:04:18 EST 1998


I am curious if anyone has been able to successfully
port GALib to the NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP platform.
I would like to currently develop on a sparcstation 5
running OPENSTEP 4.2, but I am having problems with the
2 major makefiles:

1.  The s option for ar is invalid and I don't know
anything about ar.

2.  I get errors about the location of g++ include files.
For instance, when I try to make the library, I get an error
that Math.h cannot be found.  In the makefile, I set
the include directory to /usr/include/g++, but the files
for Math.h are in /usr/include/ansi and it does not help
to copy them in to /usr/include/g++.

Any information would be appreciated,

Ricardo Cortes

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