I have a problem under Visual C++4.2.

Woohyung Choi whchoi at hyowon.pusan.ac.kr
Mon Feb 24 08:05:19 EST 1997

I'm a beginner of Visual C++ 4.2.
I tried to execute ex1 example under Visual C++4.2 with GALib 2.4.2.
But the below error message was displayed.
"cannot convert parameter 3 from 'float (class GAGenome &)' to 'float
(_cdecl *)
(class GAGenome &)' "
I've used AppWizard and let my test function(ex1) put in OnDraw function
View class.
Also, I've included all the source files

Do you know the why?
If you understand my remark and know the solution, please tell me

Many Thanks!!

whchoi at hyowon.pusan.ac.kr
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