[fair-data-stewardship] cyverse foundational open science skills (FOSS) course

Donny Winston donny at polyneme.xyz
Thu Sep 30 08:07:08 EDT 2021

Anyone else on this list participating in Cyverse's 10-week virtual workshop <https://learning.cyverse.org/projects/cyverse-foss/en/latest/index.html>? This week and next is about managing data <https://learning.cyverse.org/projects/cyverse-foss/en/latest/03_managing_data.html>: this week is an intro, and next week will dive into the FAIR principles and data management plans (DMPs).

I have found the Zoom breakout groups nice, as a small group shares and notes down answers for specific small questions.

There is a Slack group for the course, but it would be nice to get input from anyone else who has encountered this material.


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