[ASA-Official] GBM, Midway, Operating Guidelines

Alexander Tsao alextsao at mit.edu
Wed Mar 30 13:38:33 EDT 2022

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please read the following announcements carefully:

  *   ASA Spring GBM Agenda
  *   CPW Midway Registrations
  *   Revision of Operating Guidelines


ASA Spring GBM Agenda

The ASA Spring GBM will be held on Monday, April 4, 2022, in 34-101, from 5:00 to 7:00. Food will be provided, and elections for the coming year's ASA Board will be held. Each ASA-recognized group is required to send their President or a presidentially appointed GBM Proxy, and groups that fail to do so will be fined. Note that representatives should be current students.

Please find the Spring GBM Agenda here: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NODdKrlnXWK4fOwOKa5vtQacpTtN9gOe1AnpL_egEbA/edit?usp=sharing>

ASA Midway Registration

The deadline for ASA Midway Registration <https://cglink.me/2cy/s172> is extended to April 2 (Saturday). In addition, if you look to host a performance and did not indicate it, please resubmit your application and note this in the "Does your group have any large items, demonstrations, or performances?" question. We apologize for the confusion.

Revision of ASA Operating Guidelines

The ASA has revised its operating guidelines. The new version can be found here <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DwlpP8qZ5Rd9DpvperXPKPeZiyoK4GJPdzhpUJ0N1i8/edit?usp=sharing>, which will go into effect in 14 days. The version that is currently in effect can be found here <https://asa.mit.edu/asa-policies/asa-guidelines-and-bylaws>.

A summary of changes is as follows:

  *   Removal of the "sponsored group" category, as this is independent of funding status.
  *   Clarification of ASA group rights to vote at ASA GBMs.
  *   Transfer of responsibility of Orientation Activities Midway to the ASA Space Committee.
  *   Addition of the right of UA and GSC to send a representative to ASA.
  *   Requirement for a clause for member and officer removal procedure in group constitutions.
  *   More ways to call special ASA GBM: decision by half of ASA Exec or both the UA and GSC.
  *   Increasing the frequency of storage space allocations and postering space allocations to annual instead of every two years
  *   Clarification of procedures and required notification for ASA Board entry into ASA group spaces
  *   Minor grammar changes/correction of references


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board
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