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Rebecca Mae Black rblack at mit.edu
Mon Mar 29 18:19:07 EDT 2021

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please read the following announcements carefully:

>> General Body Meeting Agenda: April 5th, 5-7 PM ET

>> The ASA is recruiting!

>> CP* April 17th, plus Discord server


General Body Meeting 4/5/21, 5:00-7:00 PM ET

The agenda and Zoom link for next week’s General Body Meeting can be found here: <https://asa.mit.edu/sites/default/files/documents/SP21%20ASA%20GBM%20Agenda.pdf>

Our spring General Body Meeting will be the evening of April 5th from 5:00-7:00 PM ET. The new ASA board will be elected at this meeting, so if you are interested in who will be leading student advocacy for student groups next year, it’s important to attend to have a voice!

The same rules apply as for a normal GBM: FSILGs, undergrad and graduate dorms, and club sports may attend if they wish to but are not required to do so. ASA groups are still required to send one member per group, but you may represent as many groups as you like, and each attendee can only exercise one vote.

We recognize that there will inevitably be groups that have no members who can attend: understanding how crazy life is right now, we’d like to avoid any situation where groups get penalized for not attending the GBM, so there will be online make-up resources with all critical information. However, this is an important time for the ASA and SOLE to hear directly from groups and for you to elect the next batch of ASA board members to represent you, so attendance from as many groups as possible is preferred.


The ASA is recruiting!!!

During the upcoming GBM, we will be electing the officer positions for our Board, and are actively recruiting anyone who is interested in joining the ASA at any level! There are going to be lots of opportunities to change student group policy and improve student life through advocacy to DSL, and we want anyone who is interested in helping solve problems and supporting student groups through the next year to join us!

We will have space in all parts of our board -- any position (space, funding, groups, secretary, president!) could be filled by any interested student. You can find information on all positions on our board here: <bit.ly/2vyu7ID>, and apply using this form if you are interested! <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/473515>


CPW Midway

The CPW Midway will take place on Saturday, April 17 between 1-3PM ET. The logistics are still TBD, so stay tuned for more information on logistics and sign-up.

There will be a Discord channel for this year’s CPW. Here is how this works: leaders (Presidents, CPW chairs, or equivalent) of ASA groups, dorms, FSILGs, etc will fill out the form (link will be out soon) with the Kerberos' of their designated representatives. Then, the form will then go into a database, which powers a bot. The bot will email the representatives for validation/confirmation and give them appropriate permissions on the server.


We hope you are all doing well and staying safe; as always, please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board

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