[ASA-Official] Update your Engage pages, ASA GBM minutes and make-ups, Student activities COVID-19 survey

Yuexuan Zu yzu at mit.edu
Thu Nov 12 18:20:43 EST 2020

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please read the following announcements carefully:

-> [Action Requested] Update your Engage pages!

-> ASA GBM minutes and make-ups

-> Student activities COVID-19 survey


Update your Engage pages!

In this virtual semester, we have been hearing from many first-year students that they are looking to find groups to join to become more involved in the MIT student community. One of the ways this is being accomplished is via looking up groups on Engage (engage.mit.edu), but many groups are not properly utilizing their Engage page to advertise themselves well or effectively communicate how students can get involved. Here's a list of steps that group admins should take so that interested students can easily find groups they want to get involved with:

1. Check that your blurb on your Engage page is an accurate description of what you do, and contains information on whether you are currently recruiting, as well as the expected time commitment.

2. Check that your contact email is correct, and list any mailing lists you use that students can sign up on to get involved.

3. Add and/or update your profile picture and photo gallery to advertise what you do - public photos in your gallery are published as a slideshow on your group's page!

4. Link any social media or websites that your group uses.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving break, this is a great time to take the time to make sure that your Engage page is informative and useful. Don't know how to make these changes? SOLE has an extensive list of walkthrough tutorials on how to make your page as impactful and effective as possible! <https://studentlife.mit.edu/sole/engage> If you can't access your group's page to edit it, contact <engage at mit.edu<mailto:engage at mit.edu>> with any questions.


ASA GBM minutes and make-ups

Thank you to all the students who attended our fall General Body Meeting! We appreciated all your questions and feedback. Any groups who did not attend the meeting can find the meeting notes on our website: <http://asa.mit.edu/about-asa/meeting-notes>, which contains a link to check in so your group gets credit for making up the absence. We will not be fining groups for missing this GBM due to the nature of these times, but will still note any lack of attendance to keep in mind during re-recognition if part of a pattern of continued inactivity.


Student activities COVID-19 survey

To assess how the activities of ASA and other types of student groups have been impacted by the new campus regulations, the ASA has launched a survey drafted with the help of the UA on how student groups were affected by the spring semester closure, what virtual events have been planned and how successful they were, and what challenges student groups foresee themselves facing during the fall semester. This information will help us better advocate to the administration for student group needs and pitch in on any relevant policy decisions.

You can find the survey here: <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/444662>

Please submit your responses by the end of November, and only submit one response per group.


As always, email asa-exec at mit.edu<mailto:asa-exec at mit.edu> with any questions or concerns you have at this time.

Best regards,

The ASA Executive Board


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