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Rebecca Mae Black rblack at mit.edu
Fri Nov 9 12:13:06 EST 2018

Dear Student Group Leaders, 

Please take note of the following announcements: 

1. CAC Opening of Reservation Books (11/26/18 at 9am)
2. LEF/ARCADE Applications are open!
3. 2019-2020 Group Space Applications (due Nov. 16th)
4. ASA Recruitment ends 11/15 - Join the ASA Board!
5. New Engage Database and Updating of Rosters (due Nov. 30th)


(1) CAC Opening of Reservation Books (11/26/18 at 9am)

Be sure to get ready for the Campus Activities Complex’s Opening of the Reservation Books for next academic year.  The process begins on Monday, 11/26/18 at 9 am. This opening covers September 4, 2019 through May 22, 2020.  

You must have an active CAC-DAPER virtual scheduling account to participate in this process. Student groups have a group account. This year, you will have a new template in your virtual account to cover this opening: CAC Academic Year 2019-2020 Room Request. You will not be able to build off of any pre-existing reservations. 

Please read about the details of this opening at <http://studentlife.mit.edu/cac/resources-forms>.  Not understanding the rules of this process can potentially create issues when you reserve.

Email campus-activities at mit.edu with any questions! 


(2) LEF/ARCADE Applications are open!

Applications for the Winter Cycle (Jan-Mar 2019) are open here <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/233381>. Applications are due December 1st. 


(3) 2019-2020 Group Space Applications

This is a reminder that the form to apply for Space for 2019-2020 is live <https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/232691>. 

As announced at the ASA GBM, all Student Groups that currently have office or storage space or wish to apply for space MUST fill out this form by November 16th. Groups that do not apply will not receive space allocations for the coming year.


(4) ASA Recruitment ends 11/15- Join the ASA Board!

The ASA is currently recruiting student representatives for the Committee on Funding, the Committee on Groups, and the Committee on Space Allocations. To apply, submit this form <https://goo.gl/forms/cfKFOovjydcxEwQJ2> by November 15th. 

The full description for open positions can be found here <https://goo.gl/4iuZD1>.

Please contact <asa-exec at mit.edu> for more information. 


(5) New Engage Database and Updating of Rosters (due Nov. 30th)

This is a reminder that the old database, CampusGroups (asa.mit.edu), has been phased out as of Oct. 31st. All information has been transferred from the old database. Please log in to the new database at <engage.mit.edu> and ensure the group rosters and officer positions are accurate. This will ensure that group leadership can be verified and has proper access. Please also note that official emails will no longer be sent to exec mailing lists, but to officers listed in the database. The deadline for updating and verifying information is Nov. 30th. 

If you have any issues with the database, please email engage at mit.edu, not the ASA.


Still reading? Here are some hot tips:

Email cac-locks at mit.edu for any kind of office access, whether physical keys or card access!  Be sure to include the student’s full name, name of the group requesting access, room number, and MITID#.  Students must also be marked for space access on <engage.mit.edu>. 

Athena Lockers provide a valuable resource to groups for storing documents and other information on MIT’s servers so that it will be available to all future members of your group. You can also use lockers to host websites under web.mit.edu/<your group>, manage mailing and member lists via scripts and perform many other useful functions. See the IS&T Website <https://ist.mit.edu/lockers> for information on how to set up your group’s locker.


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries. Sincerely,The ASA Executive Board<http://web.mit.edu/asa/about/board-members.html>

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