[ASA-Official] End of Year Reminders, ASA Exec Board, Summer Mailing

Rachel E Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Fri May 20 11:27:42 EDT 2011

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1.  End of Year Reminders
2.  2011-2012 ASA Executive Board
3.  First Year Student Mailing (FYSM) Submissions due by 6/26
4.  Orientation Midway and Early Return Info
5.  Spring SAO Newsletter


1.  End of Year Reminders

Slides and minutes from the Spring General Body Meeting are posted at:
Slides: http://mit.edu/asa/about/minutes/2011/gbm-sp11-slides.pdf
Minutes: http://mit.edu/asa/about/minutes/2011/gbm-sp11-minutes.pdf

Please review these and in particular take note of these two 

- Update your ASA Database entry including president, treasurer, and 
signatories.  A person currently listed in the entry has to make the 
updates, so make sure any graduating officers do this before they leave. 
Also confirm your officer mailing list and constitution URL.  If the 
mailing list is incorrect, then you need to email us with the correct 
More information is at: http://mit.edu/asa/database/

- The first part of the ASA Recruitment Rules are currently in effect. 
Until the Orientation Midway, groups may only contact students that have 
previously provided contact info or students that initiate contact.  The 
rules specific to the Orientation period and the weeks leading up to the 
Orientation Midway will be finalized and announced by the incoming ASA 
Executive Board in the next couple weeks.
More information is at: http://mit.edu/asa/rules/recruitment-rules.html


2.  2011-2012 ASA Executive Board

The 2011-2012 ASA Executive Board is now in office.  The members elected 
at the Spring General Body Meeting are:

President: Rachel Meyer
Secretary: Christine Chen
Graduate Members-at-Large: Kendra Beckler, Geoffrey Thomas
Undergraduate Members-at-Large: Alex Dehnert, Brogan King

At the GBM, the general body decided to postpone the elections for 
treasurer and student member-at-large to the next GBM (which will be in 
fall).  If you are interested in being appointed to either these positions 
to serve until that election, then please email asa-president at mit.edu 
stating which position(s) you are interested in, why you are interested, 
why you think you are qualified, and which student groups you are involved 
with.  You can also email with any questions.

Current Treasurer Nicole Teague will continue to serve in that role until 
a new treasurer is appointed.  The final two Board members are the GSC and 
UA Representatives, which will be appointed by those organizations.


3. First Year Student Mailing (FYSM) Submissions due by 6/26

Like last year, the ASA is going to compile a website with an index of all 
interested groups. Each group can submit a slide, a short description, and 
a link to their website. The FYSM website will be advertised to incoming 
students through postcards and The Graduate publication.

More information and the submission form can be found at: 

Please contact asa-fysm at mit.edu with any troubles or questions regarding 
the submission form or FYSM in general.

We will be collecting some statistical information about visits to the 
FYSM website. If you would be interested in receiving information related 
to your group, please contact us (asa-fysm at mit.edu) and we can
discuss what information we can and are willing to provide to you.


4.  Orientation Midway and Early Return Info

The ASA Orientation Midway is currently scheduled for Friday, 9/2, from 4 
to 6:30pm.  Student groups have the opportunity to have booth space at 
this event and potentially performance or demonstration time.  This event 
marks the beginning of student group recruitment during Orientation.  The 
request form for this event will be announced within the next couple weeks 
and will be due in August.

To support student group's involvement in this event, ASA will have some 
early returns available for undergraduates living in dormitories in the 
fall that don't have summer housing.  The exact information, including 
date, of these early returns will be announced next week along with 
information on requesting one.


5. Spring SAO Newsletter

A copy of the Spring SAO Newsletter is posted at: 
It includes finance updates and tips, information about event 
registration, and more.


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, 
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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