[ASA-Official] Deadline for Admissions' CPW Welcome Festival and event submissions

Rachel E Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 28 21:09:28 EST 2011

Dear Student Group Officers,

Below is a reminder about the CPW Welcome Festival and submitting CPW 
events.  Please note that the Welcome Festival is an event run by the 
Admissions Office and is distinct from the Activities Midway that the ASA 
runs.  The Midway will be Saturday afternoon, April 9th, and the request 
form for the Midway will be released in roughly two weeks.


The deadline to request a booth at the CPW Welcome Festival and to submit 
events to be published in the CPW schedule is this Friday, March 4th at 
8pm.  No late event registrations will be accepted this year for the CPW 
booklet or for the online schedule.

The Welcome Festival is Thursday, April 7th, from 9:30pm until 12:00am in 
Johnson Athletic Center.  Each group that participates will host an area 
(or booth) that does some activity.  Past years have included DDR, 
electronics demonstrations, karaoke, not-for-stakes poker, and so on.

Events can be registered to take place from Thursday, April 7th, at 9am 
through Sunday, April 10th, at 12pm.  A few guidelines for events:  Be 
positive about MIT!  Events may only be held in MIT owned/recognized 
facilities.  In accordance with Cambridge law, event proposals for events 
in Cambridge that include games of chance (i.e. gambling) will not be 
approved.  The presence of alcohol is not allowed at any CPW event.

More information and submission forms are available at: 


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, 
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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