[ASA-Official] Activities Midway information and more

Geoffrey Thomas geofft at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 1 22:51:18 EDT 2010

Hi student group officers,

Midway assignments, including a map of locations and a list of performance 
slots, are now available from our website:

The Midway will run between 4 and 6:30 PM this Friday in the Johnson Athletics 
Center. You may arrive at 2 PM to begin setting up your booth.

We were tight on space and have a number of groups on the wait list, so please 
take note of the policies regarding attendance. Groups who do not show up for 
assigned booths or performance slots and have not informed us of cancellations 
in advance, and groups with early returns who do not participate at the Midway, 
will be fined $75 per incident (reduced to $25 for cancellations that occur 
within 1-24 hours of the Midway).

If you did not apply for the Midway, you may still submit an application on the 
wait list, but requests off the wait list will be processed in the order they 
were received. The application is available here:

In other news:

The recruitment moratorium ends Friday at 4pm, at the beginning of the Midway. 
Please keep the standard publicity rules in mind as you advertise for 
recruitment events:

Unfortunately, Infinite bulletin boards are not available again yet. We will 
send out more information on this, including updated board sizes and 
assignments, over the weekend.

The ASA Executive Board
asa-exec at mit.edu

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