[ASA-Official] Early Returns, Midway, FYSM, and other announcements

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Sat May 29 02:48:25 EDT 2010

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. Opportunity for ASA Early Returns - respond by THIS Monday, May 31st
2. Midway Date: Friday, September 3
3. First Year Student Mailing (FYSM) - submissions soon
4. Yearly Activity Survey
5. Promotional Table Reservations Open
6. Printing Survey


1. Opportunity for ASA Early Returns - respond by THIS Monday, May 31st

If you are an undergraduate student who is eligible to register for MIT in
fall, and if you will be living in an undergraduate dorm during Fall 2010,
are eligible to apply for an early return.  Early returns are given to a
limited number of students who will be assisting in a facet of Orientation,
such as the Activities Midway in the case of ASA early returns.  Currently,
early returns are projected to be able to move into their dorms on August

If you wish to apply for an early return in order to assist with a student
group's activities, please notify the ASA Executive Board via email
(asa-exec at mit.edu) by 11:59pm on Monday, May 31st.
Please include:
* your name and class year
* the group(s) you will be assisting and how you will be doing so
* the dorm you will be moving into
* the date you intend to return.

After notifying the ASA, you will then be able to apply for an early return
through MIT Housing; this application will be released on June 1 and is due
July 1. The ASA itself does not grant early returns: we simply help in
coordinating the process.

Please feel free to contact asa-exec at mit.edu if you have any questions.

NOTE: If you already have MIT summer housing, you do not need to apply for
early return, as you are already entitled to continuous housing privileges.


2. Midway Date: Friday, September 3

The Fall Activities Midway will be held on Friday, September 3 in the
While we did consider moving the date of the Midway, it was not determined
to be
clearly feasible and advantageous for this year.  We will likely send a
out early in fall and reconsider the options for Orientation 2011.

More information and a request form will be mailed out in late June.


3. First Year Student Mailing (FYSM) - submissions soon

Like last year, the ASA is going to compile a website with an index of all
groups. Each group can submit a logo, a slide, a short description, and a
to their website. The FYSM website will be advertised to incoming students
through postcards and the Graduate Student News.

More information and a submission form will be available soon.


4. Yearly Activity Survey

Remember to have your new officers fill out the ASA yearly activity survey,
which will be used to compile the ASA group directory.

The survey is available here: http://asa.mit.edu/directory/edit.php

The results are available here: http://asa.mit.edu/directory/view.php


5. Promotional Table Reservations Open

You are now able to reserve promotional tables in Lobby 10, Stata, and the
Stratton Student Center lobby for the Fall 2010 term.  These tables provide
with an excellent opportunity to promote your activities and events, and to
bake sales and fundraisers.

If you do plan on a bake sale, please note the following Campus Activities
Complex's food guidelines:
* All food/beverages being sold or given out should be pre-packaged or
individually wrapped to promote food safety.
* Foods cannot contain meat, poultry, fish or uncooked or partially cooked
(such as mayonnaise or custard, quiche, etc.), cream cheese, or any foods
are required to be heated or cooled to be served may not be sold or
* All food should be in storage containers.
* Displayed food/beverages must fit on the top of the reserved table or
and should not be piled up.
* Food/beverages not being displayed must be stored appropriately under the
* One food sale per day, per location is allowed.
* A list of proposed items for table/booth must be turned into CAC at least
business days in advance of the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CAC at
campus-activities at mit.edu.


6. Printing Survey

The UA Special Projects Committee is trying to learn more about printing
to see if we could save you money. Some of our past projects include the
student center printer ("lerman"), the SafeRide TV, and the produce market.
Please fill this out to give us a better idea of your expenditures.  Thanks!




The ASA Executive Board
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