[ASA-Official] First Year Summer Mailing (FYSM) due by Monday, July 5

Rebecca E Krentz-Wee rkw at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 22 09:23:52 EDT 2010

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. First Year Student Mailing Submissions due by Monday, July 5
2. Midway Date: Friday, September 3
3. Yearly Activity Survey


1. First Year Student Mailing (FYSM) Submissions due by 6/5

Like last year, the ASA is going to compile a website with an index of all the
groups. Each group can submit a slide, a short description, and a link to their
website. The FYSM website will be advertised to incoming students through
postcards and the Graduate Student News.

More information and the submission form can be found at:

Please contact asa-fysm at mit.edu with any troubles or questions regarding the
submission form or FYSM in general.

We will be collecting some statistical information about visits to the FYSM
website. If you would be interested in receiving information related to your
group, please contact us (asa-fysm at mit.edu) and we can discuss what information
we can and are willing to provide you with.


2. Midway Date: Friday, September 3

The Fall Activities Midway will be held on Friday, September 3 in the afternoon.
While we did consider moving the date of the Midway, it was not determined to be
clearly feasible and advantageous for this year.  We will likely send a survey
out early in fall and reconsider the options for Orientation 2011.

More information and a request form will be mailed out in the next month.


3. Yearly Activity Survey

Remember to have your new officers fill out the ASA yearly activity survey,
which will be used to compile the ASA group directory.

The survey is available here: http://asa.mit.edu/directory/edit.php

The results are available here: http://asa.mit.edu/directory/view.php


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu  with any requests, questions, or
other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board

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