[ASA-Official] ASA Spring General Body Meeting + Executive Board Elections, April 13, 7:30 pm, 34-101

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 22 15:19:26 EDT 2009

Dear Student Group Officers,

The spring 2009 ASA General Body Meeting will be held on Monday, April
13, 2009, at 7:30 pm in 34-101.  Check-in begins at 7 pm; please come
early if you can in order to expedite the sign-in process and to enjoy
some delicious snacks.  Your group is required to send a
representative or your group faces ASA derecognition.  An individual
may represent more than one group but will only receive one vote.

The main topic for the 2009 General Body Meeting is election of the
2009-10 ASA Executive Board.  Please consider running for election.
In order to effectively govern and advocate for student groups, the
ASA's executive board is comprised of past or current student group
officers who consequently understand the needs and challenges of
running a student organization.  We hope that you will consider
running for election.

******* Positions elected ********

The following positions will be elected on April 13, in this order:
* President
* Treasurer
* Secretary
* Undergraduate Members-at-Large (2)
* Graduate Members-at-Large (2)
* Student Member-at-Large

In order to be considered as a candidate for election, you may submit
a platform consisting of a single powerpoint slide to
asa-elect at mit.edu.  Alternatively, candidates may announce their
candidacy at the General Body Meeting, or may be nominated on the spot
during the meeting.

******* ASA Executive Board responsibilities ********

All ASA Executive Board members have shared responsibilities to carry
out the ASA's traditional activities, which involve organizing
collective resources for student groups, such as activities midways,
the first-year summer mailing, bulletin board space, and office space;
processing new group applications; voting on policy and rule
enforcement; and representing MIT student activities in meetings with
administrators and other governments.

Additionally, the ASA President, Treasurer, and Secretary have special

* The ASA President is the head of the organization, serving as the
primary representative to administrators, leading executive board
meetings and setting the agenda for discussion.
* The ASA Treasurer is the authority at MIT on student group funding.
He/she is charged with ensuring that student group funding policy
maximizes utility and fairness, and with linking the main funding
bodies at MIT (the UA Finboard, the GSC Funding Board, LEF/ARCADE, and
special funds) in order to ensure that each board fulfills its charge
and that shared funding policies are consistent across the boards.
He/she is the chair of the LEF/ARCADE funding board.
* The ASA Secretary is in charge of taking meeting minutes and
maintaining the ASA's website.

******* Elections process ********

Again, we encourage you to run for election.  Please submit a platform
consisting of a single powerpoint slide to asa-elect at mit.edu, or you
may announce your candidacy during the meeting or be nominated during
the meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail
asa-elect at mit.edu or asa-president at mit.edu, or come talk to one of us
in person.


The 2008-09 ASA Executive Board

Keone Hon '11, President
Shan Wu G, Treasurer
Rishi Gupta '10, Secretary
Nan Gu G, Graduate Member-at-Large
Leonid Chindelevitch G, Graduate Member-at-Large
Zhao Chen G, Graduate Student Council Representative
Gillian Grogan '10, Undergraduate Member-at-Large
Rachel Meyer '10, Undergraduate Member-at-Large
Paul Baranay '11, Undergraduate Association Representative
Dylon Rockwell '11, Student Member-at-Large

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