[Asa-official] Need Input to Improve Student Group Space

ASA Exec asa-exec at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 17 18:01:45 EDT 2007

Dear student group officers,

The Campus Activities Complex (CAC) plans to invest $20,000 this year 
(July 1, 2007-July 1, 2008) on improvements to student group space. They 
have asked the UA Committee on Student Space Planning to do a study on 
the kinds of improvements groups would like to request for their offices 
or any other space that they use regularly. We would like to ask you 
directly what projects you would like the CAC to take on.

Below is a link to an online web form where you can send us your top 
three suggested improvements. Again, this can be either for your own 
assigned space, or for any shared space that your group uses. Please 
respond ASAP, so that there is ample time for discussion.

https://scripts-cert.mit.edu/~ua/surveys/?s=cac-groupspace (MIT 
certificates required)

You should avoid listing problems that present a safety or health risk, 
like poor ventilation or falling ceiling tiles, as these problems should 
be brought up directly to the CAC at campus-activities at mit.edu, and 
fixed as soon as possible! Funding for these repairs is separate from 
the $20K the CAC wants to invest this year.

Because these funds are quite limited, we obviously cannot meet 
everyone's needs this year. However, please join us at our discussion 
forum on Tuesday, March 20, if you wish to discuss the merits of any 
particular proposed project.

Time: Tuesday, March 20, 7:00pm
Place: UA Senate Chamber (4th floor of Student Center)

-David Lee, Committee on Student Space Planning
ua-spaceplan at mit.edu

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