[Asa-official] Student Group Registration (this week)

Jen Lobo jlobo at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 5 01:22:04 EDT 2006

Dear Student Group Officers,

Student group registration is today (Tuesday, Sept. 4th). The ASA will 
have a table set up at Reg Day in Johnson, 11am-5pm, where you must 
submit a signed copy of the Hazing Form. It is preferable to have the 
president or treasurer of the group sign the form. This form is required 
by Massachusetts Law and can be found at 

In addition, each group must update the constitution URL field in their 
entry in the database to indicate the URL at which your group's 
constitution is located. If you do not have or cannot get access to an 
electronic copy of your constitution, please submit a hard copy when you 
submit the Hazing Form.

Hazing Forms and constitutions can also be dropped off in the SLP Office 
(W20-549) until Friday, Sept. 8th. Student Group Registration is 
*mandatory*. Failure to submit either the Hazing Form or constitution by 
Friday, Sept. 8th will result in group suspension.

Good luck with the start of the fall semester!

The ASA Executive Board

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