[Asa-official] Bulletin Board Allocations, Office Clean-Ups

ASA Exec asa-exec at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 27 22:24:48 EST 2006

Dear Student Groups,

Preliminary bulletin board assignments are now posted on the ASA 
website. Please visit the following link and check your assignment: 
Groups have until ****Monday, December 4th @ 5pm**** to submit an 
appeal. To submit an appeal, please send an email to asa-exec at mit.edu 
explaining why you think a change in your allocation needs to be made. 
If you think that a mistake has been made, please email asa-exec at mit.edu.

Additionally, the ASA has made changes to its Operating Guidelines to 
accurately reflect how our bulletin board allocations are currently 
conducted. The updated document can be found at 
http://web.mit.edu/asa/rules/asa-guidelines.html .

We'd also like to inform you that the Event Planning Guide is now 
online. Please visit http://web.mit.edu/eventguide/.

*W20 fourth floor offices*:
On Monday, December 4, 2006 the filters in the heating/cooling units on 
the fourth floor of W20 will be replaced.  In order to complete the 
work, all items must be removed from the top of the HVAC units and a 
6-8' path cleared in front of the units before December 4.  If you have 
any questions please contact Lianne Scott of CAC <liscott at mit.edu>.
*Walker and W20 offices*:
On Friday, December 15 a company will be at MIT to remove trash and 
other items from the offices. If you would like to have things from your 
office removed, please contact Mike Foley of CAC <mwf at mit.edu> to let 
him know the location of your office and what items are to be removed.  
In addition to contacting Mike, please label the items to be removed.  
If you have any additional questions, please contact Mike directly.

Best of luck with the tail end of the semester! As always, please feel 
free to email asa-exec at mit.edu (publically archived mailing list) with 
any questions, concerns, or suggestions. (You can email 
asa-president at mit.edu if you'd like your email to remain private.)

The ASA Executive Board

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