[Asa-official] Midway, Boston T Party, Recruitment Rules

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 29 17:11:32 EDT 2006

Dear Student Groups,

This email contains *important* information about the following items:
1. Activities Midway (Friday)
2. Recruitment Rules
3. Boston T Party Event (tonight)
4. Student Group Registration (Reg Day)

1. Activities Midway
The map, table assignments, and performance schedule for this year's 
Activities Midway are now posted on the ASA website: 
http://web.mit.edu/asa. If you think there is an error in these 
documents that pertains to your group, please email asa-midway at mit.edu 

The Midway is this Friday, Sept 1st; the following is the schedule for 
the day in Johnson:
10am - students with ASA early returns help with general set up for the 
12pm - student groups can begin to check in and set up their group's table
4pm - 6:30pm - ACTIVITIES MIDWAY
The Midway is ending a half hour earlier this year because of a 
student-group-based at 7pm in W20. If group needs to return to W20 after 
the Midway, we ask that you use the back doors to the building as much 
as possible so that the front doors can be used mainly by freshmen 
attending the 7pm event.

2. Recruitment Rules

Please remember to abide by the recruitment rules until the start of the 
Midway (4pm on Friday). Action will be taken against groups that violate 
these rules as the document states. Please also exercise maturity and 
respect towards other student groups during orientation and as student 
group recruitment begins.

3. Boston T Party Event

For those groups that are participating in this event, we would 
especially like to remind you to abide by the recruitment rules. 
Specifically, handing out flyers and collecting names, email addresses, 
or contact information is strictly prohibited for this event. Signs for 
your student group will also be provided, so please do not use or bring 
your own.

In general, if a freshman asks, in any way, shape, or form, about how to 
join your student group, your response should sound very similar to 
"Come to the Activities Midway this Friday afternoon. You can find more 
details about how to join all the groups there." *Members of the ASA 
will be walking around at the event, and we will not hesitate to ask 
groups to leave if they appear to be recruiting.* This event is a great 
way to give incoming students more exposure to student groups before the 
Midway. We want this event to be successful and enjoyable, so please do 
not cross the line and risk being asked to leave.

4. Student Group Registration

Student group registration will happen again on Registration Day. We ask 
that you submit a signed copy of the Hazing Form (which can be found on 
the ASA website) to the ASA when you register for classes. The ASA will 
have a table set up in Johnson on that day.

This year, we would like accept constitutions electronically via a 
webform. The link to that webform will be sent out in an official email 
(like this one) in a few days. Submit a hard copy of your constitution 
on Reg Day with the Hazing Form *only* if there is no way for your group 
to attain an electronic copy.

If you have any questions, please email asa-exec at mit.edu (publicly 
archived mailing list). If you wish your email to remain private, please 
email asa-president at mit.edu.

The ASA Executive Board

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