[Asa-official] Orientation Event on Friday After Midway

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 24 04:30:03 EDT 2006

Hello Student Group Leaders,

As you may or may not know, Friday Sept 1 from 7pm-9pm (following the 
Midway) there will be another large event in the Student Center for the 
frosh before they embark on the cruise scheduled for that evening. This 
event will be
similar in scale to the one being held on Tuesday, August 29 in Stata, 
that the Friday night event is intended to help the frosh explore the 
Center, with at least one attraction on each level. The main attraction 
will be
the food and the bands on the second level. We would like some 
involvement on
your part to help make this party a success. There are two ways you can get

Open Offices: We are trying to establish a block party feel in which
every floor of W20 will have something going on. We would like the
groups with offices on the 4th floor to have open offices where
freshman can come in, sit, and talk with you. We're aiming for more of
a social relaxed setting where freshman can learn more about your
group without the context of the Midway. Those groups without offices
in W20 who wish to participate will have space in rooms 407 and 491,
so please contact me (milo at mit.edu) with your needs.

Performances: In La Sala we're going to set up a dinner/theater event
where the freshman can eat while watching performances by groups.
This would be a second chance for them to see your group perform. Please 
let us
know ASAP if you'd like to perform, if you are also performing at the 
and if you have any preferences as to when you'd like to perform at this 
Please be advised that there may be limited A/V equipment available.

If either of these options interests you send an e-mail to  milo at mit.edu 
<javascript:open_compose_win('to=milo%40mit.edu&thismailbox=INBOX');> by 
August 25. Secondly if you've already notified  me of your interest, 
please e-mail me
again. Lastly, If you do have  an office in W20 please read the PS for 
info about moving
from  Johnson to W20 after the midway.While the ASA does support this 
event, they are not running it, so please do not email the ASA with your 
request to participate.

Cruise Party Committee

PS: The Activities Midway is set to end at 6:30. You are welcome to
stay in Johnson until 7pm if there are freshman still around. Going
back to W20 we ask that you leave out the back entrance to
Vassar, then go down Mass Ave to use the back entrance with ramp into
the student center. The freight elevator and the west elevator (near 
will be free for your use to get back to your offices. If you have any
questions please let me know.

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