[Tango-L] bad, wrong, Nuevo

Anton Stanley antonst at alidas.com.au
Fri Feb 29 22:13:20 EST 2008

Alexis. It's obvious that you don't stand around letting your face get
slapped. Neither do I. 
But in my post I did go to the trouble of deliberately not attributing
names to the thoughts I disagreed with. I really didn't want to insult
the author, rather just his concept. Obviously something with which you
have no trouble.
You also took a lot of space replying to something which had nothing to
do with my post. I did not indicate my position as a modernist or
traditionalist. In fact I like both. Most accurately I could be
described as a segregationalist. tut, tut. (at least on the subject of
Tango). The fact that one subscribes to one style or the other should
not necessitate a derogatory labeling of them, which is how I read the
post I referred to. An all too simplistic assessment of why one would
choose a particular style of Tango. It seems to me a pity you cast
yourself into this category by subscribing to the view.


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